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BRIEFS (People, Businesses and Events)

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Local newspapers are shrinking but community news reporting still pulls its residents in. We want to know about our businesses, our events and our neighbors. These "Briefs," or "Headliners," are here with the hope of helping to meet some of that need for our residents, our guests and our visitors in our Northern Peninsula Bay Area communities, particularly: Pacifica, Daly City, Colma, South City and San Bruno. As a longtime features writer for the Pacifica Tribune, it's important to me to continue sharing stories that star the communities we love.

Prints Old & Rare team, clockwise from bottom left: Bill Hall, Maxine Hines, Dave Alonzo, Anthony Taganap, Melinda Lindner and Kathleen Manning. (Jean Bartlett photo.) 

Bartlett BRIEFS 1 website photo.JPG


Jean Bartlett, June, 2018 and continuing...

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