Pacificans (those who have gone before us)

Azevedo, Lydia (1929-2011)

She lived her belief: "Do real good for the world."

Azevedo, Paul (1931-2004)

This Pacifica Tribune columnist was a born writer.

Baldwin, Eileen (1923-2019)

Born in Bexleyheath, England, this WWII member of the RAF moved to Pacifica in 1957.

Baldwin, Karl (1921-2019)

A smart, caring man, he was Pacifica's first city manager. Link here to an interview I did with Karl in 2017.

Chrysler, Medford (1947-1967)

Med loved to dance. He also loved to play basketball. He went to Vietnam as a Marine.

Drake, Bill (1921-2012)

For three decades, he was the Pacifica Tribune.

Drye, Shirley (1929-2017)

California archaeologist was rooted in Pacifica history.

Dutton, Janice (1925-2008)

Pacifica open space trailblazer believed you can fight City Hall.

Fassler, Jean (1919-2018)

Dedicated to her family and her community, she was Pacifica's first mayor.

Hardcastle, David (1946-2015)

Declared dead, this Vietnam veteran lived.

Harris, Mary (1917-2018)

Dedicated artist, teacher and peace advocate.

Howell, Peggy (1928-2019)

She lived her life with joy and a cup of coffee

James, Helen (1923-2018)

Farewell to this bright light of Pacifica. This interview with Helen is from January of 2018.

Lacy, Ingrid B. (1931-1999)

This extraordinary teacher inspired a middle school's name.

Mattes, Dave (1945-2016)

Omaha, Nebraska-raised, this retired U.S. postal worker loved to learn.

McCarthy, Carl (1898-1981)

He gave Pacifica its National Landmark site.

McCarthy, Grace (1908-2000)

Pacifica named a vista point after this former mayor.

McKay, David (1951-1970)

He is described by friends and family as fun, cool and a jokester.

Owen, Mildred (1927-2009)

Grand and full of art, she had a heart as big as Texas.

Premenko, John (1949-1970)

A Green Beret, John had hoped to find out

what happened to his big brother Peter.

Premenko, Peter (1947-1967)

The eldest of the Premenko's three sons, Peter entered the Coast Guard during the Vietnam War.

Siebert, Bob (1907-1993)

This early and longtime Pacifica elementary school teacher was a Pacifica pioneer.

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