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Have a look around.  All these stories on "us" have been written by longtime

Bay Area Features Writer Jean Bartlett.

This site is being watched over by Lucy, Spirit and Birdie.

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A life of magical flute ~ An interview with Pacifican Gail Edwards

An interview with Alex Bootzin, the co-founder of Pacifica's Spindrift School of Performing Arts

An interview with bari sax player, "Pacifica Townie" Norm Dutton

An interview with Pacifica-based, guitar-great Jim Nichols

An interview with Pacifican Jean E. Brink, the worker bee behind the pool name at Oceana High School

Miller & O'Brien, a Pacifica history/success story since 1956

Jean Headley Darmody 1946-2022 She helped create the Pacific Coast Fog Fest

An interview with Pacifica's Manor Music owner and musician encourager Sarah Glew

An interview with Coastsider Steve Brown, who has lived and recorded the culture of his generation

Fredi Ware 1946-2021 This Pacifica educator was a fully committed student of people and the planet we live on

An interview with Horace Hinshaw, Pacifica's No. 1 Sports Fan

Planting kindness An interview-biography with Pacifican Marian Hinshaw

Pacifica native son Robby Bancroft runs for City Council An interview-biography

Three Oceana High School seniors leave legacy of medical learning and hands-on care

An interview with Don Nelson, retired South San Francisco Battalion Chief/WWII veteran, who married the love of his life

She's Still Got 'It!' Doretta Youngdahl at 99.7

Living a life of adventure and faith ~ An interview with Rev. Thomas A. Nibbe

Honoring Angelo Zawaydeh Terra Nova graduate Iraq fallen

Honoring Bob Curry one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Honoring Jim Walker one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

An interview with the Hon. Quentin L. Kopp (Ret.)

Honoring Johnny White one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Honoring George Patterson one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Growing up Pacifican An interview with Deidra (Kennedy) Crow

Salada Beach Galen R. Hickok 1870-1938 Once owner of the Pacifica castle

Honoring Lawrence "Larry" Eugene Foster one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen.

Lydia Comerford Fahey 1883-1972 Early Sharp Park resident knew how to protect her land

Honoring James Stanley "Stan" Childers one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Dolly Fine Famous San Francisco Madam had Pacifica hideaway

Honoring George A. Cabano, Jr. one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Sheila Hyman 1931-2015 This no-nonsense, good-deed doing Pacifican got the job done

Judy Tugendreich 1939-2017 This musician and music educator was all about the joy of music

Honoring Robert Compton, one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Honoring Medford Chrysler, one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Bill Drake (1921-2012) For three decades he was the Pacifica Tribune

Honoring David McKay, one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Interview Singer Tré Taylor, leading a "deliciously fun life"

Honoring Peter Premenko, one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Honoring John Premenko, one of Pacifica's Vietnam fallen

Interview with soprano and community supporter Clorinda Campagna

Ingrid B. Lacy (1931-1999) She inspired a middle school's name

Interview with musician, surrealist Steven Roark

Jean Fassler (1919-2018) Pacifica's first mayor

Sue Digre, citizen philanthropist, retires from Pacifica City Council

Interview with song stylist Morning Nichols, Pacifica Performances Artistic Director


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PORTRAITS & ROOTS ~ a journal about artists

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