Pacifica Stories

Baldwin, Eileen

World adventurer from Kent, England

Baldwin, Karl

Pacifica's first city manager still has all the right stuff

Campagna, Clorinda

A soprano, this longtime supporter of her community of Pacifica, is a retired opera performer

Crow, Deidra (Kennedy)

Growing up Pacifican ~ A journey of chapters with the charming Deidra Crow

Digre, Sue

After 16 years, this citizen philanthropist, retires from Pacifica City Council

Harris, Mary

Artist, world peace advocate, centenarian

James, Helen

This doer from Duluth helped build today's Pacifica

Manning, Kathleen

Her passion for history created rare prints business

Mooney, Mike

Ireland-born, he's the founder of Pacifica's Liberty Garden

Morganti, Marv

This WWII veteran, retired educator and actor still swings it out on the dance floor.

Nichols, Morning

A song stylist, Morning is the Artistic Director of Pacifica Performances

Pacifica's Champions ~ The Pacifica Historical Society

Pacifica "Fun Facts" ~ A Brief Biography on Pacifica

Pappas, Andy

Pacifica's one and only Crab King

Saving Dollaradio ~ A Historic Pacifica Story

Tjgaard, Gustav

Pacifica-based author and illustrator's anglicized name is Phillip Carlson