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Pacifica Stories

Baldwin, Eileen

World adventurer from Kent, England

Baldwin, Karl

Pacifica's first city manager still has all the right stuff

Bancroft, Robby

Pacifica native son runs for City Council

Bootzin, Alex

In 1994, this pianist co-founded the Spindrift School of Performing Arts with his late wife, violinist Martha (Phillips) Bootzin.

Brink, Jean E.

An interview-biography with the worker bee behind the pool name at Oceana High School.

Campagna, Clorinda

A soprano, this longtime supporter of her community of Pacifica, is a retired opera performer

Crow, Deidra (Kennedy)

Growing up Pacifican ~ A journey of chapters with the charming Deidra Crow

Digre, Sue

After 16 years, this citizen philanthropist, retires from Pacifica City Council

Dutton, Norm

This baritone-saxophonist and "Pacifica Townie" is known by many Bay Area locals for laying down some licks, in the back of a truck, in the annual Pacific Coast Fog Fest Discover Pacifica Parade 

Edwards, Gail

This professional flutist has loved the flute since she first met it in fifth grade, and her life's work has never veered from that path...a life of magical flute.  

Gibbs, Shirlee

A Sharp Park resident since 1956, Shirlee has been there for her Pacifica community since day one.

Glew, Sarah

The owner of Manor Music, she is Pacifica's greatest musician encourager.

Hall, John

Rock 'n' roll, R&B, funk, blues, 60s/70s pop, country, Americana ~ John Hall serves it all.

Harris, Mary

Artist, world peace advocate, centenarian

Hinshaw, Horace

An interview-biography with Pacifica's No. 1 Sports Fan

Hinshaw, Marian

This longtime Pacifican is all about planting kindess

James, Helen

This doer from Duluth helped build today's Pacifica

Lancelle, Julie

Former Pacifica Mayor is lifelong champion of open space

Manning, Kathleen

Her passion for history created rare prints business

Miller & O'Brien

These vehicle caregivers have been there for Pacificans since Pacifica's first days.

Mooney, Mike

Ireland-born, he's the founder of Pacifica's Liberty Garden

Morganti, Marv

This WWII veteran, retired educator and actor still swings it out on the dance floor

Nibbe, Rev. Thomas A.

The pastor of Holy Cross Evangelical Lutheran Church in Pacifica, Rev. Nibbe is

living a life of adventure and faith

Nichols, Jim

Biography of a working musician. An interview with Pacifica-based, guitar great Jim Nichols

Nichols, Morning

A song stylist, Morning is the Artistic Director of Pacifica Performances

Pacifica's Champions ~ The Pacifica Historical Society

Pacifica "Fun Facts" ~ A Brief Biography on Pacifica

Pappas, Andy

Pacifica's one and only Crab King

Romano, Michael

Interview with Michael Romano, businessman, former U.S. Navy Corpsman during Vietnam, and writer of tales

Saving Dollaradio ~ A Historic Pacifica Story

Tjgaard, Gustav

Pacifica-based author and illustrator's anglicized name is Phillip Carlson

Tollini, Jane

This Pacifican was the former penguin keeper at the San Francisco Zoo.

Youngdahl, Doretta

At 99.7, she's still got 'it!'

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